How does Bootea tea work? Bootea makes a point of using only the best natural ingredients for your body. The natural ingredients we use are specifically and finitely selected to kickstart your healthy lifestyle. That may sound like a mouthful, so we'll cut the jargon and explain in short how Bootea will help you achieve your goals. The aim of the Bootea teatox & eating plan is to give you the boost you need to get back on track with your healthy eating and active lifestyle. The ingredients used in our teas have been used for centuries for health and wellbeing purposes but it is only now we have finally brought all these powerful ingredients into one perfect, rounded product. Teatox is a fancy word we use to describe the way the body goes through a natural process of elimination, by removing unwanted 'toxins' & built up waste matter, from your body via the lungs, kidneys, bowels and skin. Ingredients: Daytime Detox: Chinese Oolong tea, Maté leaves, Ginger root, Fennel seeds, Lemongrass,

BOOTEA 14 day Teatox 21 bags weight loss/Cleanse/slimming tea/-Daytime&Bedtime

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    • 14 daytime tea and 7 bedtime tea
    • Daytime Detox (Morning tea) This fantastic blend contains caffeine as well as a bunch of other natural stimulants which will leave you feeling motivated to reach your fitness goals.
    • Bedtime Cleanse Tea Bags (Colon Cleansing) The tea bags DO NOT contain caffeine so you needn't worry about staying up all night. It is important to note this blend will most likely induce a laxative effect to naturally cleanse & detoxify your body. The effect of the laxative is usually induced 8 hours after consumption. If symptoms such as nausea, vomiting or prolonged diarrhea occur desist use & consult your GP.

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