While enjoying a glass of wine, JE Haley contemplated one device to replace a drawer full of accessories. A comet like flash of inspiration created the unique, compact design of Haley's Corker. The "Swiss Army Knife of Wine Tools" that: *saves money by preserving expensive contents *aerates instantly *filters out cork residue, sediment and tartrates *prolongs life of sparkling wines and champagne *replaces corks on liqueur, olive oil, vinegar, other bar and kitchen bottles to stop evaporation *creates frothy head on large format beers *superior medical grade plastic; BPA free *reusable, dishwasher safe, sanitary

Haley's Black Corker 5 in 1 - 4-pack

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    • The "Swiss Army Knife of Wine Tools" 5 in 1: aerator, pourer, stopper, filter, re-corker
    • Set of four--once you have one, you'll want more!
    • Side-store leak proof, aerate and pour drip-free!
    • Made in the USA of sanitary medical grade, BPA-free plastic
    • Dishwasher safe

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