Package of 200 biodegradable, compostable plates. Great for any gathering, then compost.

World Centric's Wheat Straw 9" Plates (200 Pack)

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    • 100% Compostable and Biodegradable. We offer unbleached plant fiber products in a light brown color. Bleaching is unnecessary for food service products, but most disposable food service products on the market today are bleached. Some of these products are bleached with elemental chlorine, which releases toxins into the environment â€" most notably dioxins â€" where they do not break down easily and accumulate in the food chain.
    • In many agricultural processes, wheat straw is treated merely as the agricultural waste that remains after grain or juice is extracted. It is commonly thrown away or burned. For World Centric, straw is a valuable resource that can be fashioned into disposable products like plates, take-out containers, bowls, etc. Using plant fiber protects forests, uses less energy and fewer toxic chemicals than paper alternatives, provides a new revenue for farmers, and is a renewable and sustainable resource
    • Microwave and freezer safe, can be used for both hot and cold items. Soak proof: though these compostable plates are soak proof, hot items will cause the plates to "perspire" and some condensation will form at the bottom. Suitable for hot foods up to 220 Fahrenheit
    • No plastic or wax lining. Gluten-free. Wheatstraw is the remaining plant fiber after the grain (which stores the proteins and allergens) has been removed. There is a minimum of 90% wheat straw supplemented with discarded wood fiber. Adding the small amount of wood fiber acts as an adhesive for the shorter plant fibers.
    • Conform to FDA guidelines for food use. World Centric plates are certified compostable by the Biodegradable Products Institute and meet ASTM standards for compostability. Our plant fiber products are guaranteed to break down in 2-3 months in industrial facilities. Please check locally, as the facilities are not available in all communities. Click here for more information on home composting.

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